First Islamic Bank in India

Islamic Bank cannot be called a Bank in India because of RBI guidelines to provide interests to customers and in Islamic banks you do not have the option for Interests. As so called Islamic Banks currently in India do not have the status of Bank most Islamic Bank are called Financial Institutes and cannot issue cheques. For Details read Islamic Banking.

But now it looks like there is a change and we may have first Islamic Bank in India.

The first Islamic bank in the country with active involvement of the Kerala government is likely to start operations in Kochi by next year as the bank’s registration formalities are currently being fulfilled on a war footing. The Kerala industries department is actively involved in the new initiative and a high level meeting held at Kozhikode on August 12 had approved a project report prepared by Ernst & Young.

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  8. says

    Sir, Assalam-o-alaikum wrh
    It is a great news that atleast the Islamic Bank is coming in India. Hope in a few years, this will spread in every state & every city of India.

    Allah kare kam se kam Muslim interest sood ke chakkar se chutkara paa jaye Ameen!

    • murad md sahidullah says

      as salam
      islamik bank policy is healthy prigramme to muslim brotherhood for their religion based mentality. now we need the same in kolkata.




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    Dear, Shabbir,

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    • says

      Moiz, this is my personal blog where I shared news about Islamic bank is an option Indian Government is considering but then it is not something that will not be an option that soon and so I have not responded to those comments. I even get calls asking if I am an Islamic bank or not but then people actually don’t tend to read what is written and I don’t blame them either.

      Yes I read all the comments though.

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