10 Multibagger Stocks By DIYTechnicalAnalysis Members

10 Multibagger stocks by DIYTechnicalAnalysis Members in forum and we have been discussing about these stocks actively in forum for right entry and exit points for maximum profit.

Before I share the stock list, please note that many members (including me) have invested as well traded in these stocks and can have open positions in them as well. Many members prefer to even share the open positions in private members area but that is not always the case. We all have traded in some or all of these stocks but as they are multibaggers I think they can offer more opportunities in the future. This post will become live after the market close and so you have ample time to act accordingly and not trade in a rush.

  1. Marico Ltd By Sanjay Kumar On 3rd Sep 2012
  2. Zicom Electronic Security Systems Limited By Tarak D On 12th Sep 2012
  3. Titan Industries Limited By Sujan On 30th Sep 2012
  4. Cera Sanitaryware Limited By Padmakumar Moothedath On 11th Oct 2012
  5. Commercial Engineers & Body Builders Co Limited By Vishwanatha HD On 17th Oct 2012
  6. City Union Bank Limited By Veren Mitter On 5th Nov 2012
  7. JK Lakshmi Cement Limited By Dr. Surai Mardi On 12th Nov 2012
  8. HDFC Bank Limited By Balakumar Natarajan On 26th Nov 2012
  9. Mcleod Russel India Ltd By Masih Malik Patel On 27th Nov 2012
  10. GlaxoSmithkline Consumer By Monil On 3rd Dec 2012

Share your thoughts about these stocks in comments below.