What is the Best Way to Learn Technical Analysis?

I get this question quite often – What is the best way to learn technical analysis? I will answer this question in a very short and simple one liner which is…

You need to know the basics of technical analysis that work in the market aka Support and Resistance and couple of mathematical patterns and then practice to implement them when you have the terminal open in front. The mistake that many investors make is they try to learn too many patterns that makes it impossible for them to apply when it comes to trading in live market.


  1. Gajanan says

    Shibbir Da

    Why JP Assiciate fall drastically from135 to 54 within 12 months now what type of pattern it is making? Because this script is my favorite. Shou I enter?

    • says

      It is forming lower tops lower bottom and not sure why but price speaks for itself and this means there are some issues somewhere. Regarding entering into the stock I think I would not because I don’t like stocks by their name but by their charts.

  2. says

    I am a newbie investor and i was looking to learn technical analysis but i saw your e-book looking forward to buy it as soon as possible i hope you are open to doubts regarding the same b’coz i am surely gonna get back to you with many questions regarding the same..

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